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Choreographed by


Beckie Friday


Beckie Friday

Leslie Parker

Beckie Friday


Lauren Friday

Region 5 - Gordon Harris

It is not really the festive season until you have sat in an audience and booed and hissed at a wicked witch, but you will, and I did! Perfect casting for (Andrea Knight) as Maleficent, looking more like Cydi Lauper than Cyndi Lauper. Great voice too. After a visit to Act one to see Sleeping Beauty, I am now more than ready for Christmas.


This was a great show from start to finish, with lots of family fun and some really good singing and movement.The man in the dress playing Dame Dotty (Roy Robinson) needed more pace and excitement to his performance but looked good as he carried the costumes and make-up really well!


Muddles (Sam Gerlack) Stole the show for me, this young man is so talented, perfect timing, both in comedy and song, a joy to watch, along with Maisie Waller (Beauty) and Mary Peskett (Prince) who gave us great stage presence. Very enjoyable to watch.


Director Beckie Friday and Choreographer Lauren Friday did a great job transforming a traditional tale into something special. They worked their cast of young performers, energetically, even down to the young group of baby dancers, nice to see young boys in this too, one little boy stood out and will be a force to watch, yes its you Reggie Beak. Alfie Murray and Imogen Collins gave us some good comedy as Squelch and Squidge and Libby Drake keep us in stitches by popping in and out. I liked the way the 3 good fairies keep the narration going for us even when things went wrong, great performances from Jadine Griffin, Eve Blythe-Adam and Aimee Chamberlain.


This Sleeping Beauty should go at the top of Act 1's list, as they improve year after year. Just one word of advice, performers please don’t rely on your mics, you have to project as if you aren’t wearing one. Excellent Programme this year and thank you Act 1, you always make me welcome.


I enjoyed my evening with you.


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