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Ben Clark


Andrew Taylor

Michelle Friday

Ben Clark

Ben Clark

Rob Gore

Region 5 - Sylvia Blogg

Alot of hard work and dedication has obviously been applied to this interesting and entertaining pantomime. It contained many original ideas, good in themselves but unfortunately some could not be developed and they tended to hold up the main action, resulting in slowness of pace. This critism applied mainly to the beginning of the first act. After a lively opening number, the pace slackened and it was some time before it increased. However, thee was much greater precision in the second act with gratifying results. An overall tightening of the production would have improved the general presentation.


Louise Mills was suitably cast as Beauty. Her movements were graceful and she had a pleasing singing voice. She was well partnered by Rob Gore as the Price, who sang well and whose voice blended well with Beauty's.


Melissa Maxted was charming as the Good Fairy, Snowdrop, and she was well supported by her attendants, Alice Quaife as Honeysuckle and Anna Harvey as Bluebell. Anna Harvey had beautiful diction, when delivering her lines. They were a delightful trio!


Caroline Pankhurst as Maleficent, embodied all the talents! Her singing, diction and acting were uniformly excellent. In addition, she had a wonderful stage presence which dominated the stage whenever she appeaed. A splendid performance!


Ben Clark was an impressive King Edgar, with his regal bearing and good diction. Zoe Chapman gave a sympathetic portrayal as Queen Josephine and her lovely, melodious singing voice was heard to advantage in her duet with Beauty.


Oliver Mills was very good as Dame Dolly. He assumed exactly the right speaking voice which was excellent. He had plenty of opportunity to display his various talents in his relationships with different characters. There was an interesting innovation in the striptease. Instead of it being purely comic, his striptease was glamorous. His whole performance was splendid!


Hannah Cates as Mo, was a bundle of energy and fun throughout the show. Her diction, projection and acting as well as her vesatility were all backed up by her vivacious sidekick, Jadine Griffin, as Flo, who successfully maintained the fast pace established by Mo.


The minor roles were all played with energy and enthusiasm. Alfie Murray as the Jester, acted well. Mary Hollman as young Beauty was a charming princess but she must take care with her intonation. Lauren Friday, as Middle Beauty, displayed a sweet singing voice. Ellie Terzyski as Red Riding Hood, had good diction.


Good lighting effects, pyrotechnics and effective scenery all enhanced the well choreographed production as well as the many attractive costumes. This enjoyable show was a credit to a well co-ordinated team effort.


Thank you for your cordial welcome and hospitality.

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