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JULY 2006



Stage Manager


Sally Reynolds


Sarah Wheeler


Sally Reynolds


Region 5 - Sylvia Blogg

​This hilarious musical comedy was ideal for the intimate venue at the Birchington Centre. The cast of five nuns have to cope with a difficult situation. After a serious incident of food poisoning which kills most of the convent, the Sisters discover that they have no money with which to bury the last four deceased nuns, since the Reverend Mother has bought a DVD player with the remainder of the money. The five surviving nuns hold a benefit show to raise the extra money for the remaining funerals. In this benefit show, they revert to their previous ways of earning a living, with comic results.


Rita Taylor played Sister Mary Regina, the Mother Superior. Her commanding presence made her highly suitable for this role and her clear diction and good projection completed the highly commendable portrayal. Jeannie Sandalls as Sister Mary Hubert was her ebullient second in command who was always competing with Mother Superior but whose forceful character never succeeded in disconcerting Sister Mary Regina. The rapport between these two talented actresses was very good. The vocal numbers were well sung.


Michelle Friday, as Sister Robert Anne, was a vibrant character showing plenty of verve at all times. Her vocal number was good, but at times she spoke so fast that diction was not always clear. She also talked across the stage instead of half turning to the front so that some of her dialogue was lost. Nevertheless, hers was a lively portrayal. Anna Davies was very amusing as Sister Mary Amnesia, the nun who has lost her memory after a crucifix fell on her head. Although playing a sweet character, she managed to project her words well. She indulged in some comic antics without even resorting to clowning.


Claire McMahon played Sister Mary Leo, a novice who has entered the convent with the firm desire of becoming the first nun ballerina. At every opportunity she indulges in her passion for dancing. She was very graceful with a sweet voice but a little more projection would have enhanced her performance.


This was a good production. The set and scenery were most effective. The pace of the dialogue was of a very high standard. There was no hesitation between one speaker and the next and there was not one prompt during the course of the evening. The interpretation of the musical score was excellent. Congratulations to the whole production team on a highly entertaining presentation!

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