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JULY 2015

Directed by


Stage Manager


Choreographed by


Beckie Friday

Caroline Panhurst

Mike Friday

Leslie Parker



Ben Clark

Emily Cook

Beckie Friday

Lauren Friday

Caroline Pankhurst


Region 5 - Gordon Harris

Musical Miles was a lot of miles for Act 1, in my opinion it could have been a shorter journey. But the content in this trip around the world was typical of Act 1 always striding to please their audiences and please they do.


The interjection of our stewardess for the evening was very clever and funny in places.


Mainly a dance around the world with all ages joining in. There are far to many in this cast to single out, they all did their best in whatever number they were in.


This group have a vast array of young talent and they worked their socks off. A nice evenings entertainment thank you Act 1, well done.


Thank you for inviting me!

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