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JULY 2011





Stage Manager


Michelle Friday


Andrew Taylor

Ben Clark

Lauren Friday

Rob Gore

Holly Silcock

Region 5 - Sylvia Blogg

This was a vibrant, fast-moving presentation which held the interest of the audience throughout the evening. Here was a galaxy of young talent, well directed and choreographed. The dancing was particularly impressive. However, intonation needs attention as some of the singing was out of tune, and work is needed on diction and projection. What was outstanding ​about this show was the wide variety of content in different sections.


In addition to directing and choreographing the show, Ben Friday, Rob Gore and Holly Silcock contributed a great deal to the performance. In particular "Cry Me a River" was poignantly sung by Rob Gore and beautifully danced by Ben and Kayley. All three displayed great versatility and vivacity. Melissa Maxted sang with great feeling "As Long As He Needs Me" from "Oliver". Hannah Cates delighted the audience in "Get Happy" and "Don't Rain on my Parade" with her vibrant performances. However it is impossible to comment on the many individual contributions which achieved such a pleasing result.


The whole of the production team are to be congratulated on the efficiency of the various departments. The staging was good as was the lighting especially in "Cry Me a River". There was an excellent number of costumes which were both suitable and attractive. I should also like to thank the company for their welcome and hospitality.

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