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JUL 2022

Directed by


Choreographed by

Stage Manager

Morgan Lawrence

Alice Jewell

Emily Hance

National Operatic & Dramatic Association

Region 5 - Gordon Harris 


I think I should change this title to Alice in Wonderful land, because I thought it was a wonderful youth production.


Morgan Lawrence (Director) and Choreographer Alice Jewell, took these kids and gave the audience a great evening’s entertainment, moving them around the stage with great energy and slick dance. I would like to mention all in the cast individually but alas too many of you, but take it from me, you all excelled in your chosen parts.


The three Alice’s led the show along with the Cheshire Cats, they were so natural and were certainly smiling and word perfect. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb were certainly comic, made me titter. Poor Caterpillar lost his mic, but he rose above it and we heard him. His movement in Zip A Dee Doo Dah was superb, he led the ensemble and gave us great stage presence, look at me I’m in charge…!!!  Well done to all of you in this number.


Good to see a lot of young men in the cast, all giving it a good balance with the girls. Set and props were adequate along with the music chosen. Sound was a little iffy at times, with that amount on stage it needed more balance. In the heat of the night, you all rose above it. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with you all ,and I thought it was WONDERFUL. Well done to all of you in the cast, you all looked as if you were enjoying it, keep it up Act One, I always enjoy coming to visit you in Birchington. Thank you for inviting me.

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