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JULY 2019

Directed by

Choreographed by

Stage Manager

Emily Cook

Region 7 - Doreen Grierson 


Act One's 15 Years On - what a wonderful afternoon I had. I could stop this review with just those two words. 31 young talented persons on stage - what a joy,!!! I laughed and cried. Emily Cook you took this talented set of young people to a high standard in youth theatre and you had lots of Every one on that stage knew what they were meant to do and did they do it!! Entertain they did.


With Fantasy, Variety, Love and Panto and Reuben such a young and perfect Dame. Of course there are too many of you to mention singly but every one of you stood out whether in front or at the back of the stage. Good to see so many young men as well and young Patrick Pearson you are a star. I’ve reported on many youth shows in the past and this one tops them all. Usually at youth productions you get the one or two and sometimes more looking at the next person "am I doing it right?", none of this in ‘15 Years On’. I think Patrick took the lead there, he was well into it.


Emily and all those who made this ‘15 Years On’ such a GLORIOUS show, I take my hat off to you, this type show gives me hope for the community theatre to come, with so much talent crammed on one stage it overflowed into our hearts.

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