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Empty Stage


When my son joined Act 1 in 2018 and my daughter in 2019, I got to know the team and could see what a great group of people they are. It was good to see that no matter who you are, Act 1 is welcoming and would work with anyone whether you were new to the stage or experienced. Over the years I have seen many different children and adults that have joined Act 1, who are nervous or shy at the thought of stepping on stage in front of a room full of people but over time working with the group they have become very confident and wanting to be on stage as much as possible.


Over time I found that Act 1 has become more like a second family to me and now being part of the committee I can help even more to give the Act 1 family everything they need, and to help our members enjoy themselves whilst they are with us. I look forward to seeing present and future members in the coming years and hopefully some previous members return (as they do from time to time).


I would like to say that I am part of Act 1 to make sure that the members have the best time they can, but to be honest I think it is more like I enjoy being part of all the action myself.

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