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Dancing and performing was a massive part of my childhood right up until I went to uni to study Early Childhood Studies in Bristol. During those 3 years I realised just how much I missed dancing. Upon returning to Thanet I decided to undertake a long distance learning course to become a qualified ballet teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance. It was during this time that I was approached to join Act 1 and I am so grateful for that opportunity that got me back into the world of performing.

I joined Act 1 in 2014 as choreographer for their award winning production of Peter Pan and I've been hooked ever since. I love getting involved with all aspects of theatre and Act 1 has given me the opportunity to try them all... from directing/choreographing to stage management and lighting... I've tried them all and had lots of fun along the way!!

I love being part of this crazy Act 1 family. Not only for the shows that we put on but also for all the social, fundraising and publicity events that are put together. Within my first year of act 1 I'd undertaken a 6 hour sponsored silence and a sleepover which turned out to be a wake over for the "responsible grown ups" with cheesy chips at 2 in the morning cooked in the worlds slowest oven!! Totally normal way to spend ya days off, right?? Along with adopting three items of sugary goodness from 'tuck' to be my standard Sunday lunch forever more... what's not to love!!

I was happy to be invited onto the committee and contine contributing to the success of Act 1!!

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