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JULY 2022



Stage Manager


Beckie Clark

Emily Hance


Beckie Clark

Lauren Friday

Alice Jewell

Region 5 - Gordon Harris

Miscast it wasn’t! 


Performers and performances were cast for me in the right songs they chose, and they certainly were confidence at what they were performing. How can I mention all of you with so many in the cast, it would be unfair. Collectively you were all exceptional at what you performed.


The evening rolled along with a great choice of songs from musicals from stage and screen, ether sang by boys singing girls songs and vice versa, all backed up by energetic choreography by Beckie Clark, Lauren Friday and Alice Jewell. Clever use of hand microphones made the sound perfect in the hands of Beckie and Ben Clark, lighting was adequate for the stage, by David Sheeky.


Sorry this is so short but I could have used two words “Perfect Evening”Beckie Clark compiled this "miscast" with diversity in mind and it certainly worked all-round, well-done Beckie and your cast for a very entertaining evening. It's always a pleasure to visit Act 1.


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