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Well, helloo there!  Welcome to the Act 1 page and thank you for stopping by to read my little bio .


As a child I had grown up surrounded by music and I learned to play a range of instruments, but it soon became clear that my voice was by far my favourite! (noisy? Moi?!). My dad (who had the most amazing voice) really encouraged me and we would sit and sing along to all the classic musicals together - I was hooked on the magic and I knew that I wanted to be on the stage! And for a while it was where I was properly and I was lucky to be part of some amazing professional productions in some pretty wonderful venues.


But then my son came along, and the dream got parked and I had to be an adult for a while! But the stage continued to call me back. And so, I took part in lots of amateur productions with local groups – but none of them felt like home. Not until I joined Act 1 after I saw auditions posted online for the 2018 pantomime Aladdin. I turned up to the auditions, met the gang and the rest is glitter-filled, fabulous history!! It's not just about performing either. The Act 1 Theatre Group has an amazing social scene which includes a huge number of fundraising activities. This means that we get to know all the extended families of the performers which allows them to be part of the gang without even setting foot on the stage!


Act 1 Theatre Group is unique, crazy full of so many different personalities and every single member is integral to the group. But above all it is a family and we are always open to new members. So – come and join us!

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