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JUNE 2017

Directed by


Musical Director


Stage Manager


Choreographed by


Beckie Clark

Andrew Hedges

Leslie Parker

Beckie Clark

Little Shop of Horrors Review - Ralph Hoult  aka "Mr Ramsgate"  

A night at the Theatre is one of our Greatest forms of entertainment in my opinion and the evening that I spent with your company was a very good evening out. The title -- Little Shop of Horrors --- being a well known show, so we know what to expect and it is a title that I have seen several times. So expectations were fairly high --- this can be good for the Company or bad - if you do not come up to the strength of the title can make it very hard work. Well, it gives me great pleasure in saying that your production was so very well performed in every way possible.


Our first thoughts go to the way that we are greeted and the first view of the set --- both were very good. These put you in a good frame of mind for a great night out and the rest followed at the same level. One of the main ingredients of a good show, is a strong cast of characters / actors --- both of these were of the highest level right through the whole cast --- I will not make any individual names at this point but there are nominations for this year's Obelisk Awards with a great chance of success. The singing & stage movement/dancing were very good and singing was also excellent. Very good direction and tech crew also did a great job --- your company is at a very high level in Theatre Skills.


One of the stars of the show who will get a mention is the --- The Plant - Audrey II --- from the very tiny plants to the final image --- Well Done --- The Music by your so talented Orchestra was really fantastic - you cannot beat live Music. The souvenir programme was also brilliant artwork.


My overall thoughts are that this was a truly great night out at the Theatre and one that will stay in my mind as something very special and it will be in the list of this year's Nominees for the Best Show of 2017 alongside a few other Nominations for an Obelisk. Well Done to one and all!

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