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DEC 2019

Directed by


Choreographed by

Stage Manager

Ben Clark

Beckie Clark

Lauren Friday

Mike Friday

Region 5 - Gordon Harris 


An excellent production –,your cast did you proud and their performance is testament to your hard work and imagination.. Not only did you give warm hearted entertainment – you have instilled in all your young, and not so young members, What an excellent team you have – sound, music, lighting, and wonderful costumes. Keep on ‘keeping the dream alive’, Beckie.

Choreography –.Lauren Friday Your hard work was evident in you excellent dancers. Smiles, commitment and sure footed! Excellent entertainment. Vocal Coach/Arrangement – Zena Ransley Totally in tune, and lovely to listen to.

Cinderella – Amber Cook a very pretty, blond and traditional Cinderella. She was confident, with a very good singing voice and lovely disposition. She was confident, and with a flourish made a seamless transition from Cinder’s rags to the Princess in a ball gown. The duet with her younger self – played by L.Jay Ross – was delightful and I’m sure will be an abiding memory for that little girl and her family. Prince Charming Emily Hance. From ‘his’ first entrance to his final exit ‘he’ maintained his royal character with a slap on the thigh, ‘he’ and his Cinderella were a delight. Buttons ,Bradley Bissett A power-house performance , that held the stage on every entrance. Cheeky chappy personified, I do wonder if he will have any voice by the end of this panto’s three day run. Fairy Godmother Lauren Friday Very, very good – excellent voice that knew how to entertain everyone –adults and children alike. Excellent stagecraft and natural comedy and very confidant. Dandini – Bernii Gibson Confident and sure ‘he’ supported his Prince and slapped ‘his’ thigh to great effect. Ursula – Ben Clark and Narissa Richard Adams What a pair! Fussy, ugly and dressed to kill the best formula for the ‘Ugly Sisters’. An in-tune duo. The innuendos were played down, showing sensitivity for their very young audience. They were as awful as they should be.

The supporting cast were the icing on the cake. It was a joy to see the full commitment of everyone on stage. There was no weakness; everyone knew where he or she should be, and what he or she should be doing.

The ensemble dancers and vocalists were on point, word perfect and put the audience at ease. Every one of them were fully committed to their parts and were amazing bearing in mind their ages ranged from tiny tots to adults.

Well Done All.

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