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9 TO 5

JUNE 2019

Directed by

Choreographed by

Musical Director

Vocal Arrangement

Stage Manager

Beckie Clark

Lauren Friday

Andrew Hedges

Zena Ransley

Beckie Clark

Region 5 - Gordon Harris


Rachel Hamlin as Violet Newstead: well played – there was no doubt that she could run an office. Rachel exuded confidence and likeability and immediately engaged the audience.  A very safe pair of hands a true entertainer.  She has real stage presence and I would suggest her poise put other players at their ease.  (The only time she looked a little uncomfortable was when she was called upon to dance and sing at the opening of the second act, which was understandable bearing in mind the energetic routine.)

Mary Peskett as Doralee Rhodes: bright, bubbly and proved that blondes aren’t dumb! My goodness Mary hit the spot from her first entrance.  An immersive performance that entertained throughout. Even her walk complimented her character. Excellent casting, again a vocally excellent and super actress.

Molly Knight as Judy Bernley:  Molly had mastered the character of Judy with her very first step onto the stage, and immediately engaged the audience into caring about her dilemma.  New to work; dumped by her husband she ventures into a well-choreographed set of workers. She paced her changing character very well – gradually moving from the somewhat frantic and eager to becoming a confident member of the magical trio that would save the day.  A good voice too.

Frank Tucker as Franklin Hart: what a great part this Franklin is! Frank wrung out every bit of wickedness he could!  Very entertaining it was too. Great fun, a shocking male chauvinist down to the core. A really sound job. 

Caroline Pankhurst as Roz Keith:  Caroline delivered an expert performance as the twittery, fawning PA to Franklin.  A very physically comedic performance that just avoided descending into pantomime. The temptation to engage with the audience was not far from the surface. However, it was clear that Caroline is a very experienced performer who was confident and comfortable developing her character.

Dean Little as Joe: a confident actor who, in a very short time, was able to convince his audience that he truly cared for Violet. It's impressive to be able to make a mark so quickly.  Well done Dean.


Reuben Thorpe made an impression playing three parts – the most notable of which was as Dick – Judy’s soon to be ex-husband. A confident young man – well prepared and delivered.

The Ensemble and Dancers: everyone was well rehearsed and moved seamlessly between scenes. They worked hard throughout the evening, and gave convincing performances that moved the play along with real pace.  It was good to see dancers actually enjoying their routines.

Andrew Hedges – Musical Director: congratulations to you and your team, a well rehearsed and a capable group of singers and musicians.

Beckie Clark – Director, Choreographer…Congratulations Beckie your company did you proud.  The first night was a pleasure to watch. It was clear that you had worked your young company hard to achieve a good standard. It’s a shame that the black tabs overwhelmed the set a little too much. I do hope the problems with the sound were resolved for your remaining performances and that you all enjoyed a well-deserved, successful and rewarding week.

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