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Ben Clark


Mike Friday

Ben Clark


Ben Clark

Lauren Friday

Region 5 - Gordon Harris

Act one every time I see you, you have progressed, this time to new heights. Ben Clark as Director took this young cast under his wing and made them fly high.


The simple backdrops and minimal props made this production sail along, choosing your cast expertly they did you proud. An excellent programme reveals the cast, and contains lots of detail and is readable, as it should be in dimmed lights, well done.


The cast Headed by Emily Cook (Cinders) sang sweetly and was charming in the part, Ben your transformation scene was superb and Emily carried it out with professionalism, James Freeman as the Prince was teamed well with Emily. The star of the show for me was Alfie Murray as Buttons, his cheeky grin and his interaction with the audience made me titter all the way though, such a relaxed and polished performance. Dandini, Beckie Friday slapped her thighs well, Caroline Pankhurst as Fairy Godmother had all the toughest songs and she projected them well, more than others on stage with her. Even though this is Pantomime, diction, pace of dialogue and projection must always be uttermost, and I felt in places this could have been improved. Daisy Price, Libby Drake & Michelle Friday as the ugly’s and Stepmother worked well as a team, and gave us some choice moments. Lauren Friday, Jadine Griffin and Mary Peskett as the ‘Supremes’ type group were well choreographed and were over the top, as they should have been, perfect.


All other minor roles were cast well and the chorus mainly of girls looked confident, and young Jack Whitehead stood out once again, what a great young dancer he is.


Congratulations Act 1 this was a very entertaining evening, we enjoyed ourselves, oh yes we did.


I've just had another great night at the theatre with Act 1 Theatre Group performing 'Cinderella' at the Birchington Village Centre. Ben Clark directed, Emily Cook played the lead, James Freeman as Prince, Alfie Murray as Buttons, Caroline Pankhurst as Fairy Godmother, Daisy Price & Libby Drake as Narrisa & Ursula, Beckie Friday as Dandini and Obelisk Winner for Best Actress Mary Peskett plus a very talented cast.

It was a great show with the traditional panto stuff but quite a lot of original material. Special mention to Rosy Osbourn as Young Cinderella and Rowan Tyler as Young Buttons --- a little like the Little Ant & Dec idea --- fitted in so well and they were very good. Well done everybody, and our first viewing for a possible Obelisk Award for 2015 - good luck to you all and a Happy Christmas!



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