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Hey folks! So, I have been part of Act 1 since the very beginning. I joined when we were 'The Westgate Pavilion Theatre Group', and as a small child enjoyed being various animals and fairies in the yearly pantomimes. Of course, now you'd never see me in a furry animal skin but I'm still partial to the odd pair of fairy wings!


The company did try to get rid of me once, by sending me off to university! I moved away for 3 years to study Applied Drama (I basically spent my days becoming a garden gnome, reading stories in schools and building James's giant peach! What...? It was fun!!) But now I'm back, and happy to be a part of the committee.


As the IT Technician, I am responsible for maintaining the website, social media pages and all publicity and promotional artwork. I think the committee gave me this role just to shut me up - I am such a perfectionist and have always had something to say about the design of posters, or the fonts used in programmes. And now, I'm just left to do what I want! 


Come and say hi. :)

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