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Stress, Nerves & Anticipation!

The stress, nerves and anticipation... it can only mean that it is audition time!

All shows finish on a high and with everyone smiling but let's rewind right back to the beginning, to THE DREADED AUDITIONS! This stage of putting on an enjoyable show to be remembered is so very important and all auditionee's and the audition panel know this as making the perfect cast is the first step to a perfect show!

The most recent auditions were for the production 'Fairy Tales'. These auditions were a bit more fun as there were slightly different than usual as the auditionee's had a bit more freedom with audition songs. However the auditions were carried out as usual; with all of the auditionee's in one room and the 'not so scary but very scary' audition panel in the room next door. For these auditions we were given the freedom to chose which ever song we wanted with the only limitation being that it had to be Disney. This made the auditions more fun and more interesting as there was a larger variety of songs that were being sung and when asking somebody what they were singing you did not have any idea of what they would respond.

After the first few auditions we all had to wonder what was happening in the audition room as the first few people came out very upset. However, instead of letting it make us more nervous we all decided to joke about. What I liked about the 'Fairy Tales' auditions was the way that all of the people who were auditioning pulled together in support and to keep people from becoming too nervous. To help everyone relax we all joined together and sang through some of the songs that people were auditioning with including songs such as 'the bare necessities'. This not only meant that people could practice their songs but it also showed the support that we all have got for each other and lifted people spirits! :)

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