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Man in a dress... how on earth did that happen?

For too long I had always said, “I could do that….. Oh I'd love to have the time to do that…” Well, this year circumstances were created that meant I had no excuses and my bluff was called. Nurse Molly was starting to be created. A bit like Frankenstein’s monster when you see me in my make-up.

I have to tell you that the last show we put on the Saturday night was a real high. Not only were the audience up for it, the cast just nailed every scene and the buzz of the night was just amazing. Not only did I remember every line, I also started singing my solo on the right note, which was the first time I'd achieved that. I was really proud of our cooking scene and always loved doing the ghost scene. At finale it was just amazing when the audience cheered my entrance (ooh err missis!)

So much hard work had gone into getting to that point and I really enjoyed every minute. The cast were amazing, especially the kids. To see their hard work and talent was a real privilege. I'll never forget watching Emily put together the opening number at my first rehearsal with so many people doing so much and getting it in about half an hour. It was a great song and the way everyone got it, danced and sang made me realise how talented the team were and how much went into producing these shows. It also taught me how different people are at learning lines. Days before the show a couple of actresses, who will remain nameless (it's Caroline and Beckie btw) just didn't know their lines. I couldn't live with that level of stress. Anyway, last week I finally got to watch the video of the show. Guess who were the best in show? Yes.... Caroline and Becky were just amazing.

I made some good new friends and just had a real good laugh during rehearsals, dress rehearsals and show nights. I joined in conversations in the dressing room and saw sights that would make a whore blush. It was overall a fantastic experience, which I hope to repeat.

Let's hope that my acting career is not "behind me!!"

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