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Sleepless nights, multiple redbull's and those pesky stage blocks... it can only mean one thing

And so it has arrived.. the much anticipated show week! Look to your left and you'll find a large number of performers cramming in time with their much beloved scripts, and the rest running high energy dance numbers on repeat, whilst on your right is the frantic and stressed crew and production team!

Sunday brought us the 'get in' - possibly one of our easiest, calm and quickest in history! I knew there was a good reason for purposely choosing a minimalist set! :D With the back cloth up in record time, all that was left to build was our 3 wooden blocks, and stage portals, all of which were a job for the strong men... what a happy coincidence! That meant I could leave them working hard whilst the cast and I worked together blocking and sorting positioning onstage!

Popcorn anyone?

After everyone had stuffed their faces with fish and chips, pasta, lots of sandwiches and subsequently stunk out the hall it was time for a quick photo sesh (everyone just wanted to show off their 13 t shirts really), a crazy 5 minutes of boogieing and 'hyperness' before cracking on with a full stage run of the show! Those that had only seen the show for the first time that afternoon were choked up and amazed at the sheer talent and power in 'A Little More Homework'.. from that moment I knew that this cast was special, and we had a great show that was ready for an audience!

The week flew by, with more last minute painting in the garden, building of wooden blocks, last minute dilemmas and stresses with the programme design (as always) and lots of last minute promoting! Leslie, Emily and Shannon worked tirelessly in their little box, who needs a gym or sauna when you can sweat out in a lighting box!! Always remember guys.. if in doubt 1&8... 1&8!! Dad got cozy in his stage managers corner for the easiest show run he'd ever seen, whilst Paul and I worked frantically on sound! I think by Saturday night it had been mastered, right? As always we'll blame the stupid backwards wiring at The Centre!

Last minute painting whilst the lighting crew are still stuck in their box!

Thursday brought us the traditional, 'Beckie injury' - this year I decided to take all the skin off my fingers! Cos, y'know I didn't need to use my fingers this week! Apparently, it's a good idea to just let a stage bar with an extremely heavy pulley system just fall to the floor rather than bracing the weight as the rope flies through your hands! I can still feel the tingle and pain of the rope burn now! Luckily mine was the only injury of the week though! "/

The cast line up... literally! ;)

Each show seemed to go without many hitches - other than those pesky blocks. We just won't talk about the blocks! All feedback has been amazing, with some saying it was quite possibly the 'best youth production they've ever seen'. Roles were cast perfectly, and all kids so goddamn talented! Whilst this show didn't get the best of audiences (apparently the folks of Birchington aren't interested in a show about THE TONGUE), it was still undoubtedly one of my favorites and I'm so happy to have had the chance to bring it to the stage! Well done guys, you all smashed it!

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