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One year, Two shows and a blooming belly!

Well hello there blog readers, welcome to the new addition to the Act 1 website! I have been trusted to write the first ever Act 1 blog so here it goes!! Over the past year we have had lots of fun with the variety show that kicked off 2015 and then Sleeping Beauty. Every member involved in these shows worked so hard and really did Act 1 proud! Being one of the producers of Musical Miles gave me a whole new outlook on shows as I had never been on the other side of all the organisation...a lot of work goes into all these productions! As most of you know I was pregnant during the whole process so I came out of a lot of numbers and did more behind the scenes like mixing all the music which was a big job in itself. As my belly grew so did the show and before we knew it we were very close to show week! Beckie and I had many meetings in the lead up to Musical Miles, some went on for hours, even an all day event at one point just to make sure that it was a success and I think we can all agree that the hard work payed off! It was exhausting producing and being in a show while pregnant but it was so worth it and now my little lady is an honorary member of Act 1! While I took a break from performing, as my due date was half way through panto rehearsals, Beckie started working on Sleeping Beauty with another fantastic cast. We had lots of new faces as well as our regular cast members and they brought Birchington yet another amazing production! As usual backstage was a hive of activity with lost socks, gypsy tops and masks but as Act 1 do so well you all pulled it out of the bag with Beckie even having a starring role when the stage was lit a bit earlier than expected! Now everyone is working hard on 13 the musical as well as some members preparing for a trip to Disney in April all of which is going to be amazing! I'm sure I'll be backstage for show week again in the doubt doing a little dance when I think no ones looking!! Its going to be another amazing year with shows for everyone and in the background I'll be there helping where I'm needed whilst planning a big event of my wedding!! Counting down to the 9th of June so wish me luck! Hope you've enjoyed my little recap and first ever blog! I'm signing off now so here's to a rip roaring, smashing super 2016 I know you're all working hard and will, as always, do Act 1 proud!

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