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Directed by


Stage Manager


Choreographed by


Beckie Clark


Mike Friday

Lauren Friday

13 the Musical Review - Elizabeth Cook

Once again Act 1 have pulled it out the bag. A lively show performed by an enthusiastic cast. The casting was good with talent appropriately placed. 

13 opens with an upbeat number which the cast looked to be thoroughly enjoying. Bradley deserves a special mention for his performance as Archie, he really immersed himself in the character with good comedy timing and facial expressions.

Overall the singing was good but sadly let down by the sound system. The scenery and props were simple and effective, with minimum changes thereby not interrupting the flow of the show. Although there wasn't much dancing in this production when the group did dance they were altogether and it looked good. The excellent programme perfectly resembled a year book, all credit to the designer Beckie, a pleasure to read.

Congratulations to all cast and crew on a very enjoyable afternoons entertainment.


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